Session Victim

Having brewed on the underground for the better part of five years, the DJ/live outfit Session Victim is no strangers to house heads. One part Berliner, one part Hamburger, the Session Victim outfit constitutes of Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling, and derives from over two decades of friendship built on an unyielding black wax mentality. A mentality that has seen them put out records on labels of such calibre as Delusions Of Grandeur, Permanent Vacation, Morris/Audio and Wolf Music, along with Freer’s vinyl-only label Retreat that he helms alongside fellow Berliner Quarion, garnering accolades from peers and aficionados along the way.

The duo’s melodic yet groovy synthesis of deep house and nu-disco deftly references all the vintage goodness in soul, funk and jazz, igniting afterhours parties and finding its way into record crates on an international scale. Making an unabashed entry at #21 in Resident Advisor’s end of year ‘Top 50 tracks’ poll last year, their exceptionally feel-good underground hit ‘Good Intentions’ moved a whole electronic nation with what could best be described as ‘the closing track of 2011’.

This spring, Session Victim promise to bounce into the spotlight, courtesy of a highly anticipated debut long-player ‘The Haunted House of House’, which will be released on Delusions Of Grandeur.

Comprised of 11 shimmering tracks, which are all stand-alone single material in their own right, the LP delves into past times, showcasing Session Victim’s meticulous sampling finesse and production technique, transmitting a generally good times vibe assured to resonate with the great and good of the electronic community.

Spending last year perfecting the details of their intricate live show, all the strands of Session Victim promise to come together as the summer months of 2012 unfold – expect all eyes on them.

RTR01 Quarion/Session Victim – Treats Vol.1

RTR02 Session Victim – Out on Love

RTR05 Session Victim/Quarion – Treats Vol.2

RTR06 Session Victim – On the Roll

RTR09 Iron Curtis/Quarion/Session Victim – Treats Vol.3


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DJ Mix for Melbourne Deepcast

DJ Mix for Air London 05/2011

RTR Reels 04 – Matthias Reiling “Kickstart my love” Mix

RTR Reels 01 – Hauke Freer “fried and then basted” mix

Session victim – DJ MIX- You Are We


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No Friends EP, 12” (Real Soon, 2008)
The Joy of Painting EP, 12” (Hairy Claw, 2008)
Treats Vol. 1 (Retreat, 2009)
Out on Love, 12” (Retreat, 2009)
Late Runner EP, 12” (Real Soon, 2009)
Treats Vol. 2 (Retreat, 2010)
Left the Building EP, 12” (Delusions of Grandeur, 2010)
On the Roll, 12” (Retreat, 2010)
Million Dollar Feeling, 12” (Delusions of Grandeur, 2010)
Right from Wrong, 12″ (Air London, 2011)
Treats Vol. 3 (Retreat, 2011)
The Haunted House of House. 3xLP (Delusions of Grandeur, 2012)
Treats Vol. 4 (Retreat, 2012)

Hauke Freer

My Beat (Real Soon, 2007)
Hungry EP (Morris Audio, 2008)

Matthias Reiling

Das Gespenst von Altona LP (Giegling, 2010)
Doppelgänger LP (Giegling, 2011)


Agnes – Hi Murda (Session Victim Remix) (Resopal Red, 2008)
Aldo Cadiz & Antonio de Angelis – Thunder (Session Victim Voodoo Workout) (Off, 2010)
Sidwho – I do the night (Session Victim Remix) (Future Classic, 2010)
Matt Flores – Water on the moon (Session Victim Remix) (Farside, 2011)
Choklate – Break my Heart (Session Victim Remix) (Surround Sounds, 2011)
Nicolas – When I think about (Hauke Freer Remix) (Foul&Sunk, 2011)


Sebo K mixes Watergate – “Contribute” (Watergate, 2009)
Paw to the Floor EP – “Wewanttothankallourfriends” (Wolf Music, 2010)
15 Years of COOKIES – “Memory Lane” (Cookies, 2010)
Tea and Sympathy – “Swashbuckler” (Hairy Claw, 2010)
I wanna see all friends at one – “Wewanttothankallourfriends” (Wolf Music, 2011)
If this is house I want my money back 2 -“Large Processor” (Permanent Vacation, 2011)