Pen, Paper & Puzzle

Time flies… has it been almost a year since our last post?!!!? Even if our activities have slowed down here at Retreat HQ (to the point where we can officially say that the label is on hibernation mode), our core artists have definitely put in some proper work.

Take Session Victim for example: riding on the success of „Listen To Your Heart“, the ultimate Berlin-Hamburg connection have been touring all corners of the globe relentlessly. And with no sign of slowing things down, Session Victim are also embarking on another journey: setting up their own label „Pen & Paper“!

So because Session Victim are closely linked to Retreat, we thought it was only right to offer their first release as an exclusive preorder on our webshop! So get over there now and secure your copy of the „Puzzle EP“ which also features not one but two remixes from another Retreat stalwart, Iron Curtis plus a rework from Giegling’s Vril!

Oh, and did we mention that from now on, you’ll also receive a pair of free Retreat slipmats when placing an order above 40€? What are you waiting for?!??

Thank you for the support and stay tuned!

Matthias Reiling (DJ) – Wilde Renate, Berlin

May 25, 2013

Sat, 25.05.13
Wilde Renate, Berlin (Dwig’s Album Tour accompanied by Matthias Reiling, Dustin & Ateq)

Session Victim (DJ) – Dashohec, Weimar

February 10, 2012

Session Victim (live) – Turmzimmer, Hamburg

February 4, 2011

With Krause Duo and Herr Korreander

Session Victim (DJ) – Insel, Denmark

September 4, 2010

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Out of the Ice Age

Frank, I spent so much time on this tee, using my non-existing drawing skills to the better wear it!

Phew, it really feels like eons since I’ve sat down and wrote some nonsense for our blog…then again, it’s not like I’ve been lazy: I’m known as der Pressemann, the one in charge for all the release sheets, party infos, Reels descriptions and basically every written text that is related to Retreat, so there has been some stuff to rant about, but fair enough, my last proper blog entry was in November. Back then, I was moaning about the tough Berlin winter but now, believe or not, the sun came back! My brain still has trouble processing this new information and I was indeed training to live in this Ice Age for the rest of my life (dressing up with 5 layers, being really cautious not to slip on the road, mumbling instead of talking so that my lips don’t bleed)…but hey, the ice is gone, the birds are singing and the days are getting longer so I guess I can ditch those adamantium gloves.

So what’s new at  Retreat HQ? Well, in case you didn’t notice, we have a new record out entitled “Treats Vol.2” which is getting some major airplay. It’s a hot split EP with two cuts from Session Victim and 1 track from myself. You can read about it here and there but also just make up your own mind by listening to it. Session Victim are now busy working on RTR06 but if you’re a fiend for their groovy cut-up approach, i would strongly recommend that you check out Matthias Reiling‘s excellent “Das Gespenst Von Altona” on Giegling. This Mini-album from the talented producer who makes up 1/2 of Session Victim has Funk stamped all over its 3 House tracks and 5 Hip-Hop Instrumentals. Being the ageing b-boy that I am, my preference goes to the 5 little gems: intricate yet bouncy beats that seem to be tailormade for MC’s like DOOM or Kool Keith. Hot ish! In fact, if you’re in Berlin tonight, be sure to check Matthias out at Farbfernseher, it’s about to become pretty steamy in this little place!

That’s it for now peeps, more news and the usual q-nonsense will follow shortly…

Matthias Reiling (DJ) – Conny Island, Leizig

April 14, 2010

Matthias Reiling “Das Gespenst von Altona” Album Release Tour.   DJing after To Rococo Rot show.

Matthias Reiling (DJ) – Eigenheim, Weimar

March 24, 2010

Matthias Reiling “Das Gespenst von Altona” Album Release Tour

Matthias Reiling (DJ) – Theatercafe, Jena

March 25, 2010

Matthias Reiling “Das Gespenst von Altona” Album Release Tour 

Session Victim (Live) – Glocksee, Hannover

April 8, 2010

Matthias Reiling “Das Gespenst von Altona” Album Release Tour