Session Victim – Out on Love – RTR02

rtr_02Welcome to the 2nd chapter of the RETREAT saga!
Contribute was just a teaser for Session Victim so with Out On Love, Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling show their true potential through three tracks of undiluted funkiness.

The first track on the EP starts off quite simply but your excitement builds as promising chords and a Detroit-style acid-synth give you an idea where Memory Lane is heading. After a dramatic break that features a notorious groove legend proclaiming that he’s out on love, the chords reveal their full potential and the track rolls into a major floor filler, complete with tight drum patterns, extra sub bass and some more vocal snippets. Yes!

Flip the record and the beat of Calypso Strut introduces a mysterious pad, decorated with wild percussion and playful cut-up samples. Two minutes in and the pad morphs into a drunken piano that propels the track into another dimension. A cross between hip-hop sound aesthetics and minimal techno, Calypso Strut is the sort of music DJ Premier would do if he spent too many Sunday after-hours in Berlin …
After a full percussion workout, the piano enters again for another round of alcohol-induced madness before bringing the track to an end. That’s it people, the bar is closing down, go home!

Blaune rounds off the EP on a slower tip but as  soon as the brushes enter, you can feel this is one of Session Victim’s grooviest efforts. An ethereal chord slowly touches down until the break, introducing a sweet rhodes lick that later gives way to a very deep, mid-90’s style bassline. The beat evolves as a guitar lick adds more bounce while the initial chord seems to play hide and seek with your ears. The catchy rhodes lick appears again, keeping your hips shaking along until the track masterfully reaches its conclusion.

A1 – Memory Lane
B1 – Calypso Strut
B2 – Blaune

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Release: June 11th 2009
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