RTR Reels 04 – Matthias Reiling “Kickstart my love” Mix

The Hamburg half of Session Victim has delivered a very special set for the fourth Reels podcast. Digging deep into the influences that made Das Gespenst von Altona such a fantastic debut (not to mention his recent Retreat output), Matthias Reiling blends twenty-three 7″ and one 12″ of raw Soul into a dazzling 34 minutes mix. The selection is flawless, alternating with ease between classic performances from Sam & Dave or The Soul Searchers to obscure gems such as Jerry Washington’s energetic “Baby, don’t leave me”.

Hotter than a chili contest, “Kickstart My Love” is set to be the soundtrack of the current heatwave sweeping over Europe!

5 Responses

  1. Christian


  2. Moo


    ps: when do you plan a next Quarion chart? the last one is kinda outdated…

  3. yanneck

    ha! True that! we’ll put the pressure on the Q so he can come up with a new chart 😉

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  5. Paul

    Hey Matze… das ist mal ein super Set!