Retreat Label Night – Edelweiss, Berlin












Yes! It’s been a while since our last Retreat label party! We’ve actually decided to organize fewer events and make each of them more special…since we’re using the age-old expression of “quality over quantity” for our vinyl output, we might as well do the same concerning our parties 😉

Our special guest this evening has flown straight from Australia: Adam McCornell has been DJing for more than ten years and became a fixture in Sydney’s flourishing electronic music scene via his fantastic “Late Night Shuffle” parties. Adam is a true connoisseur of House and Techno so we’re very looking forward to his Berlin debut!

Also on the bill tonight is Quarion, performing one of his much-praised live sets. The Q-man promised some more piano action this time so we will see if performing sweet folk with Jules Etienne has made him a better keyboarder or not. Quarion was also busy touring the moons around Jupiter these last weeks but he’s now focusing on composing new material for Drumpoet Community and Retreat. There are also rumours he started a side-project consisting of stripped-down MPC grooves…but Quarion didn’t wish to comment on that.

Last but not least, Lüneburg’s best musical export aka Session Victim will rock the 1’s and 2’s at the beginning of the party. You can expect some sweet House, Disco and Funk delicacies from the duo that is going from strength to strength with its recent output on Join The Dots or Delusions Of Grandeur. Ripping shows from the UK to Australia, Session Victim is set to make much more noise this year so stay tuned!

All in all, a great line-up of artists devoted to the art of moving butts, see you all in the basement!

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