The loooooong summer “Pause”

Well peeps, it’s been a while…sorry for not giving so much news lately. We won’t get away by saying we were too busy to write blog entries. Nah, you know the deal, summer is summer. And specially in Berlin where the sun is playing “now you see me, now you don’t” each day, we can’t afford to miss the soul-soothing rays of our favourite star when they appear…

But that doesn’t mean we were on full-on holiday mode. Oh no. I, for instance, was busy touring Japan from mid-june to july with my homeboy Lexx aka Kawabata and hanging around with the unstoppable DJ Kent. The land of the rising sun has some of the best record shops in the universe so we all got our fingers dusty more than a few times and I was happy to see that Retreat was already in the (Light)house:

Quarion @ Lighthouse Records
Quarion @ Lighthouse Records

Back in Berlin, Hauke and myself planned the next Retreat releases between dips in the lake and long-ass breakfasts. Not to mention that we had to do another stamping session for the test pressing of RTR03. Hauke even managed to get my lazy butt to help him, I have proof:

july 2009 050

RTR03 is a 3-tracker from yours truly available from the end of august. Not to sound too dramatic or pompous but “Dusty Fingers” is the first complete, double-sided Quarion EP since “The Workout” so it’s at least worth 15% of your attention if you’re into my music…

Hauke and myself were so motivated by this release that, hey, we decided to throw another party and invited top-notch collector Finn Johannsen to drop his sweet selection of House, Disco and soulful dance music at the funky Edelweiss Lounge in Kreuzberg. If you’re in Berlin this week, please come by!