Pop the bubbly!

july 2009 051

Yes my people, I hope you’re well. Once again, I’ve been mad lazy with the Retreat blog…please forgive me. It’s not that I don’t like updating our site (hey, who could refuse writing uncensored nonsense once in a while?), but I DO want these posts to have a little more substance than the usual 140 Characters.
So what’s new at Retreat HQ? Well, a lot actually! First of all, Hauke and I are super-happy that we managed to sell ALL vinyls of RTR03! A huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone that bought a copy from Berlin to Toyko (90 records sold in Japan alone!). Of course, it sounds a bit corny to brag about selling 500 vinyls…but you can ask any industry/label head these days and they will all tell you that vinyl is going down. Well, we’re quite proud to have proven them wrong, basically by releasing quality music and by sticking to our guns (STRICTLY wax). We’re not going to change the world, but we’re happy to build our little oasis and delighted to see that more and more people are passing by…so once again, Thanks!
Speaking of buildings, one of the upcoming tracks on Retreat is called “Foundation” and it’s solid as a rock. I can’t lie, I always have goosebumps when I play this track and I can’t wait for the peeps to hear it. The mastermind behind this tune is Hunee, one of the finest DJ/music lover in Berlin. He’s getting a lot of attention at the moment, thanks to his mesmerizing productions for Feel Music and W.T. Records, not to mention a wild cut on the upcoming Drumpoet Community comp. He produced the no holds barred “Barrio Payment” EP for Retreat and it’s a mind-blowing, booty shaking affair. More info coming soon!
Finally, in case you haven’t noticed, we’re constantly tweaking our website. Now we have a nice banner courtesy of Gesine and we’ve rearranged some pages slightly. But the big news is that we’re soon going to offer two lovely new things: the possibility to buy records (and upcoming surprises) directly from us and a page containing exclusive DJ mixes, live sets and diverse aural pleasures from the Retreat family! So please stay tuned, I promise that my next entry will appear before 2010…