Quarion’s october chart

I know what you’re thinking: “oh, here we go, another boring chart!”. Well, I hope you’ll find this one a bit more interesting, because from now on, I’ve decided to post my charts ONLY on the Retreat blog (and just copy it to RA for good measure). I was tired to post charts everywhere and most of all, I felt it wasn’t always “honest” enough: a chart for Juno for example contains music that’s only available on their shop and since I play a lot of old music, I felt this sort of chart wasn’t representative enough…

but enough of the talk, here are the tracks/albums that move me in october 2009:

George Benson – Give Me The Night (LP – 1980) – Warner: thanks to marathon man Jules Etienne, I’ve rediscovered this untouchable piece of Pop/Funk perfection. Produced by Quincy Jones and composed mostly by Rod Temperton, “Give Me The Night” is flawless and showcases the talent of a musical team that will forever change the history of record production 2 years later with the release of a little album named Thriller…As soon as I wake up,I treat myself with the bliss of “love X Love” and I feel like everything is going well in the world.

Floating Points – Vacuum EP – Eglo: one of the most vital discoveries I’ve done this year (props to Mitch from Melting point for digging this one out). Floating Points make House music with a  Dubstep twist and beautiful Jazz influences…plus they come from the Dilla school of beatmaking so their stuff has more bounce than a basketball court.

Nina Kraviz – Free – Underground Quality: this track kinda traumatized me when I heard it at Tape club during the UQ night. There’s really not much going on but a deep organ chord that gets louder and louder and louder…and never reaches it’s apex! It sounds deceiving on “paper”, but trust me, when this track is played at the right time, the dancefloor explodes.

Hunee – Barrio Payment EP – Retreat: Yes, I know it’s one of our own, but this EP is simply amazing. Hands down, the best Retreat we’re putting out so far! All tracks are killers, although I have a soft spot for “Foundation” which always manages to get shouts from the crowd.

Joy Orbison – Wet look – Hotflush: Warrr, this is exactly the type of dubstep that turns me on: Detroit pads, Hip-hop vocal samples and skipping beats. Wicked tune!

Nitin – Silent Scales (Osunlade Remix) – No 19 Music: a promo that I’ve been playing out for a few weeks, always to an amazing response. This is more the techno-influenced Osunlade that refreaks the track, but the groove stays infectious and could easily go on for ages. The breakdown is massive and the Rej-like synth melody then takes the track even further.

6th Borough Project – Miss World (Soultourist Remix) – Delusions Of Grandeur: forthcoming on Jimpster’s new imprint, this remix from Zürich’s finest is just top-notch. The boys have perfected their disco-boogie-house formula and are ready to conquer the galaxy…

Ben Klock/Precious System – In A While/Voice From Planet Love (Dixon Edit)- Innervisions: another Tape trauma, this edit/coupling from Dixon is super, super heavy and combines the best both worlds (techno and disco).

Hardrive – Deep Inside – Strictly Rhythm: I’ve unearthed this MAW classic again and it works as if it came out last week. The organ gimmick is sick and the vocal just stays in your head forever, not to mention the floor shaking bassline and typical MPC beats that bring a bit more funk.

A Made Up Sound – Archive EP – Clone: Apparently these are old tracks that were in 2562’s harddrive for a few years. As to why it wasn’t released before is a complete mystery to me because these cuts are HUGE. My Favorites are “Wire” and the shuffling madness of “On and On”.

Johannes Lehner – No Matter – Unreleased: not sure when or where this is coming out but this is solid dance music and works amazingly on the floor. It’s a bit more on the minimal tip but the chords and well arranged vocals give the track a fresh perspective.

Enola – Lost In Shibuya (Quarion’s Usuki Shinrin Dub) – Initial Cuts: a very deep, very reduced remix I’ve just finished for this french label. Seems to be working well so far 😉

Dachshund vs Modeste – Split Pump EP – Sthlmaudio: my homeboys from Geneva revisit king Tubby’s heritage for 2009 and come up with two cuts of killer dub techno. Tuuuuune!

Wax – 20002 – White Label: this track has been in EVERY set of mine in the last month or so and I can’t get it out of my Bag. It seems like Shed is behind this super-heavy, super-reduced and super-bouncy project.

Jouem – Levitation EP – Just Another Beat: two slowed-down, twisted and deep as uff house cuts on a promising new label.

Filippo Moscatello – Houz (Trickski Remix) – Moodmusic: a very cool slowed-down and pumping remix from the Tricksi Jungs. The wild piano solo crashing in the middle deserves an extra point!

James Blake – Air & Lack Thereof – Hemlock: one of the most amazing piece of music I’ve heard in a while, this is dubstep with a strong experimental edge. The beats are so sparse that it almost hurts when the snare comes in.

Luna City Express – Roughneck (Matthias Tanzmann remix) – Moon Harbour: super effective and groovy rework from Leipzig’s finest. Nothing really new here but every sound has it’s place and the arrangement is perfect.

John Roberts – Blame – Laid: Another tune that I’ve been playing for a while and that I can’t get rid of. It has all the “classic” deep house sounds but John Roberts manages to breath new life into these elements and comes up with a mindblowing track.

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  1. Props for Deep Inside! Massi and I rediscovered that a while back, too, and we’re always rocking it. Reminds me of my crazy SF daze…lol

  2. Hey Mister Quarion,
    thank you so much for mentioning our little remix here. I am very glad and honoured you like it! 😉
    I hope to see you soon again, maybe even outside a club?

  3. arf, sorry mate, I just went too quick on that keyboard the second time around…if my tracks ever turn up in your charts, just write “Quaron” next time 😉

  4. Great tracks, thanks for sorting these out 😉 Specially Wax 20002 and of course the Trickski Remix…where do these guys get the groove??? unbelievable…


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