Oi, could I have some marmite with that toucan mate?

where's the flying pig?
where's the flying pig?

Blimey, what a weekend! First of all, props to all of you that made it to Edelweiss last thursday, that was one hell of a party! Hunee dropped a killer set, somewhere between Disco, House and 80’s ballads, and Patrice Scott blessed us with a wild selection of underground House & Techno. Needless to say that the temperature was pretty high in that basement…

I just grabbed a few hours sleep than I flew straight to the U.K. for a weekend of relentless DJ action in Leeds and London, organised by the cool lads from mono_cult. A few sound and technical issues during both gigs, but I had a good time, specially in London where I was playing with the infamous ladyboy Agnès.  I also spend some time with my favourite “disciple” Breakplus, an old friend of mine who knows a thing or two about chopping samples and my mate James, a dedicated music-lover, near-professional fencer, biker extremist and all-round sweet person. Thanks for the good times lads!

Back at the Retreat HQ, we forgot to mention that you can actually find Session Victim’s “Contribute” (RTR01) on the “Watergate 04” compilation mixed by Sebo K!


We’re happy that “Contribute” made the final selection on this solid DJ Mix, that also features tracks from Rick Wade, Patrice Scott, Mood II Swing and Agnès. Thanks for the support Sebo!

That’s it for now, but we’ll be right back in a few days with more news and more features on the RTR blog!

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