Autumn Madness

This was actually taken in London

It’s going to be my fourth winter here in Berlin, but I still can’t get used to the following natural phenomena: how fast the sun is setting  between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. It’s almost as if you look out the window, write some nonsense in 140 characters and when you look out again, bam, darkness crept in…

I won’t lie, it gets me depressed sometime. That’s why I’ve decided to take german lessons again every morning, so that I can get as much “light” as possible and mostly because I want to master a bit more properly a very difficult language. Although I’m pretty sure that I’m learning stuff that my fellow german co-conspirator doesn’t use (Hauke, wie oft benutzt du den Konjunktiv I??!!?), it feels good to implement new knowledge other than music history, sofware use or geopolitics (what I’m into these days).

But speaking of my Berlin Kumpel, have you checked out his exclusive “Fried and then basted” mix? It’s the first session of our brand new REELS platform and it’s pretty hot! We already have a couple of exclusive mixes lined up for the next editions, including a killer slo-mo House set from Mark August so stay tuned!

On the Retreat front, Barrio Payment has been getting mad support from a lot of cats…and the 12″ is almost sold out! So much thanks to everyone for supporting Hunee and our small family business. The record bags are also about to disappear very quickly from our stock so get them while you can…or just wait until we manufacture some more 😉