Get your goodies!

you love it already
you love it already

Quite a busy week at Retreat HQ: first of all we’ve got Hunee‘s amazing “Barrio Payment” EP droppin’ at a record store near you, so be sure to cop that one! We’ve also got our monthly party coming up this Thursday with special guest Mark August on the 1’s and 2’s. And…we’re proud to announce that we’ve now set up our own little online shop! Yep, if your favourite wax dealer can’t get you a copy of “Treats Vol.1” or if you live somewhere with NO record shops at all, you can order vinyl directly from us! Get more than one record and we’ll throw in one of these 100% Cotton bags that come in handy for carrying 12″s, vegetables from the market or just cruising around Prenzlauer Berg pretending you’re a fashion designer or social network developer (don’t forget the tight jeans though). Of course, you can also just order the bags if you’ve got all our records or if you think our music sucks but the design rocks…

Oi, could I have some marmite with that toucan mate?

where's the flying pig?
where's the flying pig?

Blimey, what a weekend! First of all, props to all of you that made it to Edelweiss last thursday, that was one hell of a party! Hunee dropped a killer set, somewhere between Disco, House and 80’s ballads, and Patrice Scott blessed us with a wild selection of underground House & Techno. Needless to say that the temperature was pretty high in that basement… Continue reading “Oi, could I have some marmite with that toucan mate?”

Pop the bubbly!

july 2009 051

Yes my people, I hope you’re well. Once again, I’ve been mad lazy with the Retreat blog…please forgive me. It’s not that I don’t like updating our site (hey, who could refuse writing uncensored nonsense once in a while?), but I DO want these posts to have a little more substance than the usual 140 Characters. Continue reading “Pop the bubbly!”

The loooooong summer “Pause”

Well peeps, it’s been a while…sorry for not giving so much news lately. We won’t get away by saying we were too busy to write blog entries. Nah, you know the deal, summer is summer. And specially in Berlin where the sun is playing “now you see me, now you don’t” each day, we can’t afford to miss the soul-soothing rays of our favourite star when they appear… Continue reading “The loooooong summer “Pause””

Inside the groove part 1: Test Pressings

It’s not always fun and games to run a brand new vinyl label: bills to pay, stress from the pressing plant, release sheets to prepare (I mean, sometimes you’re just not inspired to write about music, right?), Computer DJs nagging for promos…

But there’s one special event that always make the Retreaters überhappy (my german teacher says “über” is the new “awesome” in American schools, I somehow doubt her): the delivery of Test Pressings! The DHL box that gets carried 4 stairs (the employees love us) to the Retreat HQ is always treated like a gift from the gods…

The fun part doesn’t stop there since we (I mean Hauke) then spend a whole afternoon stamping our T.P.’s with an  infamous R and print info sheets that will slide between the record and it’s paper sleeve, just like the old days.

This week, we received promos of RTR02 (a super fresh EP by Session Victim) and 45 lucky DJs/Music Lovers/Bookers/Friends will get a nice shining copy. But before the records are posted or given hand to hand, it looks a bit like this at Retreat HQ:

RTR02 stamping 006

2 weeks in the life of Retreat

Yes. That’s it. Now it’s official. After numerous months of gestation the first release of RETREAT hit the vinyl shops worldwide! It was a lot of work for Hauke and I (especially for Hauke because he’s more the computer nerd…plus I can be a lazy mofo sometimes), but of course it was all worth it! The vinyl smells good, Gesine’s artwork looks extra tight, the sleeves are solid and most importantly the tracks sound HEAVY, thanks to the scientists at Dubplates & Mastering.

We threw a release party on the 10th of April at the marvellous Tape club in Berlin. Playing live for the first time in Berlin, Session Victim absolutely rocked the place! It was honestly the highlight of the night. Agnès performed a bouncy DJ set and I had a great time doing the warm-up, but Hauke & Mathias got the whole crowd going crazy and the industry headz at the bar taking notice…Yes, Session Victim are set to do damage this year!

It also looks like Retreat will start a monthly party in Kreuzberg best kept’s secret location…I organised a marvellous party last thursday with Tokyo’s finest DJ Kent and sonic grandmaster Hunee. The vibe was so warm and friendly that Hauke and I have decided to turn the spot into Retreat’s HQ for some monthly madness…more infos to come very, very soon!