Matthias Reiling (DJ) – Terrace Hill, Hamburg

In connection with the Viva con Agua Wassertage 2011 the first social art festival with the topic WASH (Water Sanitation Hygiene) will take place from November 10th – 22nd 2011 in Hamburg.

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Session Victim (live) – Uebel und Gefährlich, Hamburg


Matthias Reiling (DJ) – Golden Pudel, Hamburg

celebrating the release of RTR10 with Rene Dachner

Iron Curtis (DJ) – Golden Pudel, Hamburg

Matthias Reiling (DJ) – Übel und Gefährlich, Hamburg

Soulphiction aka Jackmate LIVE, Matthias Reiling, Ateq, Herr Koreander.

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Matthias Reiling (DJ) – MS Stubitz, Hamburg

with, Lawrence, Akaak, Tilman Tausendfreund, Jacques Bon, Christopher Rau, Smallpeople aka Dionne & Julius Steinhoff

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Retreat Label Party – Turmzimmer, Hamburg















SESSION VICTIM will start the party by warming up the soundsystem and making sure everyone gets his/ her dose of funky, housey feelgood vibes right from the beginning.

Next up, QUARION will present his ever evolving, mindblowing (yes, thats the accurate description) Liveset. Heard it yet?  Well, you’re in for the real deal if you haven’t, nuff said.

… and of course you know HUNEE, either for his superior productions on numerous labels like W.T. and RUSH HOUR or for his excellent Skills on the one’s and two’s so there’s really no need to ask how this night will be brought to a peak, is it?

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Session Victim (live) – Turmzimmer, Hamburg

With Krause Duo and Herr Korreander

Retreat Soundsystem – Baalsaal, Hamburg

with Boo Williams and Jendrik Rothstein

Session Victim (DJ) – Pudel, Hamburg