Out of the Ice Age

Frank, I spent so much time on this tee, using my non-existing drawing skills to the max...you better wear it!

Phew, it really feels like eons since I’ve sat down and wrote some nonsense for our blog…then again, it’s not like I’ve been lazy: I’m known as der Pressemann, the one in charge for all the release sheets, party infos, Reels descriptions and basically every written text that is related to Retreat, so there has been some stuff to rant about, but fair enough, my last proper blog entry was in November. Back then, I was moaning about the tough Berlin winter but now, believe or not, the sun came back! My brain still has trouble processing this new information and I was indeed training to live in this Ice Age for the rest of my life (dressing up with 5 layers, being really cautious not to slip on the road, mumbling instead of talking so that my lips don’t bleed)…but hey, the ice is gone, the birds are singing and the days are getting longer so I guess I can ditch those adamantium gloves.

So what’s new at  Retreat HQ? Well, in case you didn’t notice, we have a new record out entitled “Treats Vol.2” which is getting some major airplay. It’s a hot split EP with two cuts from Session Victim and 1 track from myself. You can read about it here and there but also just make up your own mind by listening to it. Session Victim are now busy working on RTR06 but if you’re a fiend for their groovy cut-up approach, i would strongly recommend that you check out Matthias Reiling‘s excellent “Das Gespenst Von Altona” on Giegling. This Mini-album from the talented producer who makes up 1/2 of Session Victim has Funk stamped all over its 3 House tracks and 5 Hip-Hop Instrumentals. Being the ageing b-boy that I am, my preference goes to the 5 little gems: intricate yet bouncy beats that seem to be tailormade for MC’s like DOOM or Kool Keith. Hot ish! In fact, if you’re in Berlin tonight, be sure to check Matthias out at Farbfernseher, it’s about to become pretty steamy in this little place!

That’s it for now peeps, more news and the usual q-nonsense will follow shortly…

Retreat Label Party – Edelweiss, Berlin


For the final Edelweiss Extravaganza of 2009, we’re looking forward to listen to Iron Curtis dropping his exciting selection of electronics on the 1’s and 2’s. Mr. Curtis has been gaining a lot of praise for his debut releases on Morris Audio and Mirau earlier this year and he’s definitely set to bring more pressure in 2010 (check out his upcoming works and you’ll get the idea!). Iron Curtis is also a very solid DJ with a taste for House that is a bit out of the ordinary…just our type of guy, really 😉

Also on the lineup (and working at the door, depending at what time you arrive) will be Retreat’s founders Quarion and Hauke Freer. The deadly duo will embark on a perilous mission, which is to make you move your feet and shake your thang with musical gems in genres as various as Funk, Disco, Broken Beat, House, or Detroit Techno!

Be advised, it’s going to be a wild one!

Get your goodies!

you love it already
you love it already

Quite a busy week at Retreat HQ: first of all we’ve got Hunee‘s amazing “Barrio Payment” EP droppin’ at a record store near you, so be sure to cop that one! We’ve also got our monthly party coming up this Thursday with special guest Mark August on the 1’s and 2’s. And…we’re proud to announce that we’ve now set up our own little online shop! Yep, if your favourite wax dealer can’t get you a copy of “Treats Vol.1” or if you live somewhere with NO record shops at all, you can order vinyl directly from us! Get more than one record and we’ll throw in one of these 100% Cotton bags that come in handy for carrying 12″s, vegetables from the market or just cruising around Prenzlauer Berg pretending you’re a fashion designer or social network developer (don’t forget the tight jeans though). Of course, you can also just order the bags if you’ve got all our records or if you think our music sucks but the design rocks…

Hunee – Barrio Payment – RTR04

RTR_Label-04After a split 12” and two eps from its founders, your favourite vinyl-only label welcomes an exciting new artist for its fourth release. Hailing from Berlin, Hunee is a true music lover, a passionate dj and an amazing producer (not to mention a top notch friend). His recent productions on Feel Music, w.t. Records and Drumpoet Community have caught the ear of many key players and made him one to watch in 2010. Needless to say, Hunee takes it to a whole other level with his Barrio Payment trilogy: from soulful House to slow-mo Disco via Afrobeat, the producer holds nothing back and that’s exactly how we like it at Retreat hq.
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Retreat Label Party – Edelweiss, Berlin


Back once again for our monthly session, this time we’ve got Nü Berliner Mark August in the House! For those who are unfamiliar with his work, Mark has been quietly releasing tracks of cinematic scale on labels as various as Innervisions, Perspectiv, Connaisseur or even Cocoon! Mark has been a bit off the radar these last few months BUT, with his own label due to be launched with help from the mighty Clone people and with new mind-boggling tunes to introduce it, we think that Mark is about to get his own well-deserved piece of the Techno pie. Expect the unexpected from his set!

Joining Mr. August will be the always impeccable groove of the Session Victim duo (who are about to release a supa-fresh EP on Real Soon) and a freestyle selection from your host with the most, Quarion.

Not to be missed!