RTR Reels 04 – Matthias Reiling “Kickstart my love” Mix

The Hamburg half of Session Victim has delivered a very special set for the fourth Reels podcast. Digging deep into the influences that made Das Gespenst von Altona such a fantastic debut (not to mention his recent Retreat output), Matthias Reiling blends twenty-three 7″ and one 12″ of raw Soul into a dazzling 34 minutes mix. The selection is flawless, alternating with ease between classic performances from Sam & Dave or The Soul Searchers to obscure gems such as Jerry Washington’s energetic “Baby, don’t leave me”.

Hotter than a chili contest, “Kickstart My Love” is set to be the soundtrack of the current heatwave sweeping over Europe!


RTR_reelslogoA musician is someone who has been moved by other people’s work and has been able to synthesize both his influences and his own talent in order to create something special. At Retreat, each musician can only express himself one release at a time and we sometimes feel that 15 mins can be too restrictive. That’s why we’ve decided to set up Reels, a platform that will showcase Retreat’s artists and supporters via exclusive DJ mixes, live sets or any audio material that is close to their soul. We promise there will be a lot of surprises!