Founded 2009 by Yanneck Salvo and Hauke Freer, the label simply intents to release quality dancefloor music.

“The word Retreat conjures up contrasting meanings – in military terms, to retreat is to abandon or withdraw from battle, but a retreat can also simultaneously mean monastic seclusion, a quiet space in which to find inner peace, contemplation, and reflection. Founded by Hauke Freer and Yanneck Salvo in 2009 after one of their marathon brunch sessions at Kreuzberg’s infamous Bateau Îvre Café, Retreat records satisfies both of these definitions – a collective, self-focused withdrawal from the chaos and noise of the modern music industry, a world in which inboxes get shelled daily with promo mp3s, where this week’s big tune often becomes next week’s forgotten zip file languishing on a hard drive, where the tangible, personal and meaningful is frequently abandoned in favour of an avalanche, a bombardment of the superficial and immaterial.”

Mr Beatnick
February 2014