Hauke Freer (DJ) – Rotation Boutique, Berlin

Eine großartige Woche für Rotation: nicht genug, dass es heute viele starke Platten geregnet hat, nein, wie bereits angekündigt bekommt Rotation diese Woche Zuwachs: Rotation Boutique Berlin eröffnet am Samstag die Pforten für alle, denen Schallplatten nicht genug sind.

Dieses hocherfreuliche Ereignis begehen wir diesen Samstag, den 26. Juni 2010 mit DJ-Unterstützung von TAMA SUMO (Berghain) SVEN VT (Memo / Bpitch Control) BORIS (Berghain) HAUKE FREER (Session Victim / Retreat) STROBOCOP (Karaoke Kalk) PICK & ROLL (for Heart & Soul) Die Kunst an den Wänden kommt von FORN (Herbert Druschke & DAG Berlin).


Session Victim – On The Roll – RTR06

After their hot contributions for “Treats Vol. 2”, SESSION VICTIM prove indeed that they are « On The Roll » with a funkafied and no holds barred EP that pays homage to their Hip-Hop Roots.

» Move Me So « starts rather simply, with just a guitar and a vocal, but you can hear a moving bassline and distant rhodes chords creeping up from the background. Two minutes into the track and there’s still no kick drum, although the level of excitement produced by the magnetic groove is almost unbearable. A filtered drum break finally gives way to a four to the floor beat that should turn any dancefloor into a frenetic party. The track builds with high energy, as the pounding bassline seems to be directly lifted from an early 90’s Hip-Hop classic. The breakdown sees the vocal/guitar loop being played differently until the second part shifts gear and brings more surprises in the mix with the intro rhodes chords coming in and out. But just as you think this jam will stay on the same vibe until the end, the now-famous “Session Victim twist” appears and this time the boys conclude the track with gorgeous keyboard chords that slowly mellow the whole thing out, as if the song has reached serenity after so much action.

» A Wooden Mind«  begins with a rather off-beat percussion and bass loop, but a very comfortable analog groove sets in after a while. You’ve just embarked for a fantastic voyage…until a quirky rhodes motif steers the song into a somewhat more hypnotic direction, with a catchy but faint melody playing from a distance. A new part reintroduces the chords found at the beginning while the quiet melody gets pushed to the forefront in its full pop glory. “A Wooden Mind” finishes rather splendidly with elements of the melody appearing at will while the chords gently fade away…

» Secrets « is the EP’s closer and the first 100% Hip-Hop instrumental ever released on Retreat! Starting off in true old school fashion with only a drum workout, the track then releases a Leslie-fuelled organ loop as well as scratchy guitars. Enhanced by vocal snippets emphasizing the importance of being original, “Secrets” is a veritable showcase for Session Victim’s ever-evolving talent and a perfect conclusion to this well-crafted EP.

A1 – Move Me So
B1 – A Wooden Mind
B2 – Secrets

[audio:http://www.retreat-vinyl.de/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/RTR06-A1.mp3,http://www.retreat-vinyl.de/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/RTR06-B1.mp3,http://www.retreat-vinyl.de/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/RTR06-B2.mp3|titles=Move Me So,A Wooden Mind, Secrets|artists=Session Victim,Session Victim,Session Victim]

Release: June 30th 2010

Retreat Label Party – Edelweiss, Berlin

After last month’s family reunion party, we now bring some fresh players to kick off the summer of 2010 (football pun 100% intended).

Our main guest has already performed at Edelweiss but during the short period where he went back to Chicago, this producer has become a recognizable talent in contemporary electronic music.  m50 aka Area has been releasing high quality dub- and ambient-influenced House on labels such as Wave, Steadfast, Mathematics or Echospace. This self-confessed studio maniac is also a very powerful DJ behind the decks, so get prepared to be blown away by his windy city savoir-faire.

Späk is a newcomer on the Berlin scene but has been involved with music since an early age. One of the main forces of the Dreiunddreissig crew (which also features Iron Curtis & Baaz), Späk has been dropping a slew of very deep and very essential podcasts for quality blogs all over Europe. Definitely a new face that needs more exposure…

Holding down the Retreat fort, Hauke Freer is about to enjoy another round of praises, thanks to his upcoming EP on Retreat as Session Victim (with Matthias Reiling). As one of the only producers who not only watches but actually also plays soccer (at least once a week), Retreat’s co-captain knows a thing or two about strategy and building a good team spirit in order to get everybody in the groove.

“Come on people, participate!” (Phlash 3000)

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