Retreat Label Party – Edelweiss, Berlin

The may edition of our monthly residency is a bit of a special one: it’s the first party where ALL of the artists have a release on Retreat. Add to that the fact that they live within a couple of 100 meters to each other and you can tell that this event will ressemble a family reunion of some sort…

We’re happy to see Hunee making his long-awaited return to the Edelweiss cave. Arguably one of Berlin’s finest DJ’s, he has been recently playing to places as far as Seoul or Tokyo, thanks to a well-deserved buzz he achieved via his essential releases on W.T. Records, Internasjonal, Feel Music and Drumpoet Community among others. Hunee’s exciting Disco and House selection combined with his pumping DJing style will definitely have the Edelweiss crowd getting into a frenzy!

Quarion is also back in the basement after a few gigs that made him travel from Stettin to Staten Island. Always looking forward to drop music of all genres (as long as it makes sense), Quarion still feels an affinity with music from the deeper shade of the spectrum. Thus you can expect a heart-felt and dedicated set from one of Retreat’s founders…

Hauke Freer has been quite busy touring as well, sharing DJing and Live duties with his Session Victim compadre Matthias Reiling in spots all over Germany or London. Hauke is known for his energizing blend of groovy bits, whether it’s Hip-Hop, House or Disco, so you can be sure he will get the party started!

A family affair that is open to all music lovers, this event is simply not to be missed!

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