Salmon or caramel?

It's the Я, baby
It’s the Я, baby

We have to admit it: there’s a big chance we might be the laziest writers out there. With an average of two entries per year (record releases not included), we can hardly even claim the term bloggers! But like all the finer things in life, the Retreat Blog has always been about quality not quantity. We believe it makes sense to let you know about tangible projects and not submerge you with trivial info about Hauke’s favorite breakfast spot or my musical guilty pleasure.

So what has been going on with the Treaters I hear you ask? Well, quite a lot: Quarion is enjoying the buzz generated by his comeback EP and has been working hard on remixes for Man Make Music as well as new material for Muhk and Drumpoet Community. Iron Curtis has been busier that ever with tracks for Midnight Shift and Polytone while dropping the acid pressure as part of Achterbahn D’Amour (watch out for their upcoming debut album). Last but definitely not least, Session Victim have delivered a great EP for Delusions Of Grandeur and have been slamming numerous stages with their powerful performances. But most importantly (and this is the main reason behind this blog entry has you might have already guessed), the Hamburg-Berlin connection have been hard at work fine-tuning their long overdue follow-up to “On The Roll”. So it’s with great pleasure that we annonce the (almost) imminent release of Session Victim’s “Can’t Help It” AKA Retreat Catalogue #14! Yes, it’s a very deep, almost melancholic EP and yes, you can already listen to the snippets here.

Furthermore, if you can’t wait for the wax to hit your favourite record store, you can now pre-order it on our webshop and have it delivered to your door as soon as the final copies arrive at Retreat HQ! We’ve also manufactured a new batch of fine RTR bags and there are now waaaaay too many different colors to choose from…

Thank you for your support and stay tuned.

ps: 2014 marks Retreat’s fifth anniverary…expect some very special moves from our side!