Retreat Label Party – Turmzimmer, Hamburg















SESSION VICTIM will start the party by warming up the soundsystem and making sure everyone gets his/ her dose of funky, housey feelgood vibes right from the beginning.

Next up, QUARION will present his ever evolving, mindblowing (yes, thats the accurate description) Liveset. Heard it yet?  Well, you’re in for the real deal if you haven’t, nuff said.

… and of course you know HUNEE, either for his superior productions on numerous labels like W.T. and RUSH HOUR or for his excellent Skills on the one’s and two’s so there’s really no need to ask how this night will be brought to a peak, is it?

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Retreat Label Party – Edelweiss, Berlin

Back in December 2009, Iron Curtis dropped a killer set at Edelweiss… but the best was yet to come a few months later:  the Iron Man submitted a mind-blowing demo to Retreat and the outcome is “Stumbled Across”,  a bold musical statement that gets released this week. Of course we had to throw in a special party for that!

Iron Curtis’ contemporary take on Chicago House through releases on Mirau, Mule or Jackoff has won him accolades left and right. But his musical knowledge is not limited to four-to-the-floor bangers and you can hear shades of Hip-Hop, Soul or Dubstep in Mr. Curtis’ productions. He’s also a very solid DJ and we can’t wait to see him turn Edelweiss upside-down once again!

We’re also excited to have Quarion back with one of his great live sets. He admits himself that Edelweiss is one of his favourite spots to perform and try out new music. Having just finished producing a rather interstellar EP for Retreat, the Q-man promises a live show full of surprises…but without compromising on the bounce factor!

Last but not least, Session Victim will make sure that the party starts RIGHT with their choice of quality Disco, Funk and slo-mo House. These musical brothers are currently one of Dance Music’s hottest properties, thanks to their distinctive “Cut-up groove” sound that burns dancefloors everywhere. And it’s only the beginning!

Definitely one of the best parties you’ll stumble across this month!

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Retreat Label Party – Edelweiss, Berlin


You’ll need to find a pretty good excuse not to come to the october edition of our residency in Edelweiss: first of all, the party will celebrate the release of the mindblowing  “Barrio Payment” EP from Hunee, a new artist on Retreat. Fresh from an acclaimed gig at Panorama Bar, this true music-lover will delight us with his selection of House, Disco and Boogie. Then we’re also honoured to have Patrice Scott playing a special old-school set for the party. Via his Sistrum imprint, the Detroit native has been releasing some of the deepest house cuts around, making him one of the most respected producers in the scene and a very in-demand DJ. Finally, getting you warmed up for these sonic delicacies will be Quarion, without a doubt one of the true masters in the art of getting a party started. Unmissable!