Autumn Madness

This was actually taken in London

It’s going to be my fourth winter here in Berlin, but I still can’t get used to the following natural phenomena: how fast the sun is setting  between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. It’s almost as if you look out the window, write some nonsense in 140 characters and when you look out again, bam, darkness crept in… Continue reading “Autumn Madness”

RTR Reels 01 – Hauke Freer “fried and then basted” mix

RTR_reels-01Starting off our Reels series is Hauke Freer, better known as one half of Session Victim and co-owner of the vinyl-only label you love to love. Hauke recorded a 3-decks Funk assault with an approach that is similar to his sample-based production: quick changes, elements of surprise and an indestructible groove. Moving easily between US classics (Moodymann and John Tejada) and current european flavors (music from Firecracker or Millions of Moments), Hauke’s “fried and then basted” mix will make you bounce for 30 mins straight!


RTR_reelslogoA musician is someone who has been moved by other people’s work and has been able to synthesize both his influences and his own talent in order to create something special. At Retreat, each musician can only express himself one release at a time and we sometimes feel that 15 mins can be too restrictive. That’s why we’ve decided to set up Reels, a platform that will showcase Retreat’s artists and supporters via exclusive DJ mixes, live sets or any audio material that is close to their soul. We promise there will be a lot of surprises!

Get your goodies!

you love it already
you love it already

Quite a busy week at Retreat HQ: first of all we’ve got Hunee‘s amazing “Barrio Payment” EP droppin’ at a record store near you, so be sure to cop that one! We’ve also got our monthly party coming up this Thursday with special guest Mark August on the 1’s and 2’s. And…we’re proud to announce that we’ve now set up our own little online shop! Yep, if your favourite wax dealer can’t get you a copy of “Treats Vol.1” or if you live somewhere with NO record shops at all, you can order vinyl directly from us! Get more than one record and we’ll throw in one of these 100% Cotton bags that come in handy for carrying 12″s, vegetables from the market or just cruising around Prenzlauer Berg pretending you’re a fashion designer or social network developer (don’t forget the tight jeans though). Of course, you can also just order the bags if you’ve got all our records or if you think our music sucks but the design rocks…

Hunee – Barrio Payment – RTR04

RTR_Label-04After a split 12” and two eps from its founders, your favourite vinyl-only label welcomes an exciting new artist for its fourth release. Hailing from Berlin, Hunee is a true music lover, a passionate dj and an amazing producer (not to mention a top notch friend). His recent productions on Feel Music, w.t. Records and Drumpoet Community have caught the ear of many key players and made him one to watch in 2010. Needless to say, Hunee takes it to a whole other level with his Barrio Payment trilogy: from soulful House to slow-mo Disco via Afrobeat, the producer holds nothing back and that’s exactly how we like it at Retreat hq.
Continue reading “Hunee – Barrio Payment – RTR04”

Oi, could I have some marmite with that toucan mate?

where's the flying pig?
where's the flying pig?

Blimey, what a weekend! First of all, props to all of you that made it to Edelweiss last thursday, that was one hell of a party! Hunee dropped a killer set, somewhere between Disco, House and 80’s ballads, and Patrice Scott blessed us with a wild selection of underground House & Techno. Needless to say that the temperature was pretty high in that basement… Continue reading “Oi, could I have some marmite with that toucan mate?”

Quarion’s october chart

I know what you’re thinking: “oh, here we go, another boring chart!”. Well, I hope you’ll find this one a bit more interesting, because from now on, I’ve decided to post my charts ONLY on the Retreat blog (and just copy it to RA for good measure). I was tired to post charts everywhere and most of all, I felt it wasn’t always “honest” enough: a chart for Juno for example contains music that’s only available on their shop and since I play a lot of old music, I felt this sort of chart wasn’t representative enough…

but enough of the talk, here are the tracks/albums that move me in october 2009: Continue reading “Quarion’s october chart”

Pop the bubbly!

july 2009 051

Yes my people, I hope you’re well. Once again, I’ve been mad lazy with the Retreat blog…please forgive me. It’s not that I don’t like updating our site (hey, who could refuse writing uncensored nonsense once in a while?), but I DO want these posts to have a little more substance than the usual 140 Characters. Continue reading “Pop the bubbly!”

Quarion – Dusty Fingers – RTR03

RTR_Label-03Just in time to conclude a bittersweet summer (at least in Berlin), Retreat brings the heat with a soulful EP from one of his founders, hotshot producer Quarion.

As the name implies,  Dusty Fingers sees the beatmaker return to his Hip-Hop roots and dig in the crates for a sample-based deep & dirty 3 tracker! Continue reading “Quarion – Dusty Fingers – RTR03”

The loooooong summer “Pause”

Well peeps, it’s been a while…sorry for not giving so much news lately. We won’t get away by saying we were too busy to write blog entries. Nah, you know the deal, summer is summer. And specially in Berlin where the sun is playing “now you see me, now you don’t” each day, we can’t afford to miss the soul-soothing rays of our favourite star when they appear… Continue reading “The loooooong summer “Pause””